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MUD is down. - Asilana Kai

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January 16th, 2006

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01:13 am - MUD is down.
Just in case anyone has tried to log in (unlikely, though I haven't been checking the logfiles lately), the stock SMAUG that foxsynergy was hosting is now down due to their computer being moved to their new place, and there being no power or internet connection there due to "meatbag incompetence".

Since there's been a little renewed demand for it lately, we were thinking about putting Nth Dimension back up once everyone's settled in. Nth Dimension is a MERC MUD using almost all original areas (even the school and arena are heavily modified, and everything else was fresh). I remember it being quite funny. One of the sillier bits was killing Pikachus in the arena, then brandishing their testicles to unleash a lightning attack. Another was mounting a genocidal assault on a bunch of bastardized anime characters. Yet another still was the restaurant "Murder is Meat", where you could sell any type of corpse and then buy meat pies cheap. The goblins in foxsynergy's novel Dungeon Seeds are right out of Nth Dimension's first dungeon. :D

I never claimed sanity on behalf of any of us.
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